What is it? Answers CXIV

Thursday, April 27, 2006

648. This tool is for use with honey or other similar food. The sticky stuff is wrapped around the cruciform blades and then delivered onto a slice of bread (or wherever it's supposed to go). The small peg sticking out of the side is used to hang it inside of the jar to prevent it from sliding into the container when not in use.

649. Bench dog, for holding a board to a work bench.

650. Lark spit, used for cooking small birds.

651. Hardware store rope winder, could also be used for a fishing line dryer for silk fly lines.

The metal parts sticking out from the two hubs are connected where they cross.

After loosening the set screw, the hub on the left can be pulled to cause the pieces to retract.

652. Aircraft artificial horizon or attitude indicator

653. Wooden pulley from a blacksmith's shop.

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